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Permanent Staffing

Permanent staffing primarily caters to the requirement for middle and junior level management positions in an organization through data base, advertise and turnkey recruitment services as per the client's needs/ requirement.

Contract Staffing

This provide work force across geographical locations. Under this the man power supplied shall be on the payroll of our company, thus taking away the worry of complying with the statutory and legal requirements & ensuring a non liability situation for the clients.

Advertised Recruitment

In case desired by client, or the bases of sheer volume or urgency of the need, we can release recruitment advertisement on behalf of the client and manage the entire recruitment process, right from the venues, for interviews to complete the final selection/ recruitment of candidates.

Executive Search

We realize the nature and sensitivity of addressing the client´┐Żs requirement of personal at senior or top management levels.

Turnkey Recruitment

A specialized recruitment process that handles large volume requirement of recruitment from client's especially for the requirement at the junior or middle management positions.

Database Recruitment

Handled through our comprehensive database of resumes across segments, fields, and profiles compiled through a verity of scientifically and thoroughly devised activities thus making it unique.

Warehouse Management

Timely receipt and storage of raw materials and other goods such as product packaging and related supplies, we ensure quick and seamless delivery of the product.

Performance & Reward Management

We at shimer always strive to partner with our clients to create powerful performance and reward solutions that help them attract, motivate and retain employees.

Payroll Outsourcing

For any business, it is very important to ensure timely and appropriate payments to employees to maintain their level of satisfaction and motivation. Since the employees are the backbone of all business entities and their interest need to be properly fulfilled.

Policy Making

Every organization requires sound, straight-forward HR policies. Failure to do so leaves any employment-related practice vulnerable to challenges and grievances. We at Perito, have a team of specialized HR professionals for customizing policies as per client requirements.

Human Resource Outsourcing

Identifying HR activities that can be outsourced. Delivering technology enabled HR services. Providing retainer services of HR capabilities. Redesigning HR processes based on best practices. Providing implementation support